The Lady
Well Designed, Refined, Classic, A Unique Piece of Art, Perfection

The Return of the Lady (ROTL) is the brainchild of  Carol (The Lady) Causieestko-McCollum and her daughter L’Oreal P. McCollum, LSW, MSW, M.Ed, known as Dr. Lady 2.0. The LADY is a Vibrant Business woman, Internationally trained  Makeup Artist, Celebrity Costumer/Clothier, Style Icon , Former Model in the Fashion and Beauty industry and a Mother of two.  The Lady is known to many as an empowering facilitator for her classic, well designed and signature style tea party seminars entitled, The Return of the Lady established in 2003.

L’Oreal (Dr. LADY 2.0) is a Philadelphia-based licensed social worker, clinical sexologist & public speaker, specializing in the areas of sexuality & media, LGQBTQI communities, trauma, dissociation, HIV/AIDS education and behavioral health. Currently, Dr. Lady 2.0 is pursuing her PhD in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University. The premier institution of accredited graduate-level sexuality education in the United States.

ROTL, is an expanded tea party experience suited for women and men of all ages, ethnicities and cultures.  Attendees can enjoy a 2-3 hour empowering afternoon session over a selection of specialty teas, appetizers and desserts amongst close friends in a tea party themed decor.   ROTL offers a blend of traditional etiquette with modern day conversations determined by client/host.  Each tea party seminar is unique, memorable and a great bonding opportunity for all. The brand’s mission is to assist in bridging the gap between the parental/child relationship by facilitating and providing strong healthy discussions centered around  interpersonal violence, mental illness and sexual health awareness issues with a  modern touch of social etiquette providing a Return to Refinery for Modern Society. The mother/daughter power team has created an initiative that is original as well as unique to its audience. The team voices life lessons your Mother may have never shared with you and tackles sexuality issues with solid solutions that affect young men and women within all social-economic groups

The Lady is also known as the leader of the movement “THIS IS NOT A WIFE BEATER” campaign. A movement created to bring social awareness and change for victims and survivors of interpersonal violence which affects 1.3 million women and an estimated 865,000 men per year as of 2009 statistics.

In 2008, The Lady presented to her followers an offering of a lifetime to wear a piece of history with items from her exclusive high end vintage and luxury re-sale/rental boutique entitled…”The Lady’s Dressing Room” catering to celebrities, socialites, theater houses and television & film productions.

To book the Lady or Dr. Lady 2.0 for speaking engagements or events , please call 347.915.5239 or email

The Lady's favorite quotes:

“The difference between a lady and a woman is knowing when life’s situations present themselves, it’s up to you to think like a woman but act like a lady”
Carol (The LADY) Causieestko

“A Lady always knows when it’s time to leave”
-Carol (The LADY) Causieestko

“Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until they’re in hot water”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

The bearer of my life
My guardian Angel
A seed in my family tree
My partner in crime
A thorn in my side
The protector of my soul
The apple of my eye
The maker of my world
The half that makes me whole
– by L’Oreal “Dr. Lady 2.0″ McCollum