Mother & Daughter Tea Sessions

Includes a high tea designed to fit personality of both mother and daughter. This is the original formatted ROTL style tea offered to all age groups. Discussions can be designed by client or ROTL. The purpose of this tea style session is to bridge the gap between mother and daughter relationships. Informative discussions and exercises will be geared towards the total inner / outer wellness of the mother and daughter. Included are  life lessons your Mother may have never shared with you and the importance of knowing these facts to improve upon your day to day life. outer makeup instruction, appropriate clothing style choices, sexual health and awareness issues (taught by educator L’Oreal McCollum), self-defense demonstrations by a licensed professional will be discusses and offered per request.

Note: Each attendee may be asked to participate in a two (2) page study after tea session. Information acquired will be used as research  for the book “The Return of The Lady” and will serve as a healing resource for adolescent girls, teens and women. A gift bag of “lady must haves” will be supplied to all attendees after the session.

Girlfriend Tea Sessions

Includes a high tea of lively chats centered around issues affecting all women and teens today, i.e. female empowerment, sexual heath and awareness issues (taught by educator L’Oreal McCollum), powerful discussions pertaining to career choices and appropriate behavior within the classroom, office and boardroom. Exercises to promote positive healthy relationships between girlfriends and mothers & daughters, outer make-up instruction, appropriate clothing choices and self defense demonstrations by a licensed professional offered.

Note: ROTL conversations can be altered to cater to all age groups. Client can choose theme and subject matter for all sessions, i.e. “‘m 21 Now What?”, “My Sweet 16″, “Divorce and Modern Times”, “Guess Who’s Getting Married”, etc. ROTL will supply a listing of subject content per request. A ‘lady must have’ gift bag will be supplied.

Father - Daughter Tea Sessions

Includes a high tea that caters to fathers & daughters, brothers & sisters, uncles & nieces, etc. The purpose of this style tea session is to allow for open discussions between males and females and to provide a complete understanding of the dynamics affecting this special relationship.

All discussions are age appropriate and can be designed to fit the clients request. Included are conversations pertaining to inner healing, etiquette, outer makeup application, appropriate clothing choice, responsible behavior within all social settings to include dating and girlfriend relationships. Sexual health and awareness discussions are also offered per request. Subject content can be requested by client or the ROTL.

Children's Tea Sessions

Includes formal tea, light make-up and clothing styling with ‘lady’ style accessories such as hats, gloves, boas, dresses, jewelry, shoes, etc. An age appropriate ‘lady’ chat will be offered.